Prospecting in

This tidbit is from the 1883 History of the State of Kansas, by William G. Cutler, from the section on Linn County. It is a humorous demonstration of the good common sense usually applied by Mr. Cutler, but not always by the Pioneers of Kansas.


In the year 1872, acting upon the advice of the spirit of an Indian chief, the advice being communicated through a Spiritualistic medium, a company sunk a shaft on "Silver Mound," with the hope of finding silver. The owner of the land was offered $100 per acre for forty acres of land, which offer he refused. About $3,000 was expended in sinking the shaft to the depth of about one hundred feet, without avail, and the project was abandoned. Acting under a similar hallucination, a young man spent $15,000 in a fruitless search for lead in Potosi Township. From these experiences, we may conclude that the "clairvoyance" of the living or the dead is not a much safer guide than enlightened reason.


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