Kansas FAQs

We are so new that we haven't had many questions yet, frequent or otherwise, so the FAQs are a little sparse. I suppose if several of you were to ask a question, we could grow a pretty good crop of FAQs. To start, just click on Contact Us at the bottom of the page and ask away!


In what order are you building pages?

Page Building Order - Just a note on methodology. One of the best things about Web pages is hyperlinking. We are building these pages in an order that makes sure we don't miss many hyperlinks. Thus, we have started with the counties, in alphabetical order. Within each county we do the county itself, the cities over 1000 people, and any famous people from those counties. That way, when we're writing a page and the name of a city or county comes up, that page is already there to link to. Along the way, we have done the broad strokes of Kansas History because they come up so often. None of that has been a huge amount of fun. When we are done with this first pass (over 1000 pages) we will get to the fun stuff: history, events, people, food, etc.



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