About Us

The owners of GenuineKansas.com Are Kansans, although we didn't start here. One of us has lived in a wide range of places, from Omaha to San Francisco to Geneva; the others have similar backgrounds. A lot of those places were outstanding, but we have found that Kansas is not exactly chopped liver, either. Most places are fascinating, if you just pay them some attention. Kansas is like that.


An amazing amount of Kansas history is fascinating; one hell of a lot of things have happened here. From the Border Wars to the Dust Bowl and beyond, it isn't as boring as you might thing at first glance. Kansas is full of good food and great entertainment. A lot of famous people have been born here and live here still. There are landmarks everywhere, from the sublime to the bizarre. We are dedicated to capturing all of this (and more) on a single Website. Give us a hand if you can.

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