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The most important thing about writing for us is that the subject matter have to do with Kansas. It should be something about the state, about your Kansas city or town, about a Kansas landmark, restaurant, hotel, or store, etc. We don't expect you to be a perfect writer. We just expect you to know something about Kansas, your county, or your home town and are hoping that you share it with it. You will find more suggestions below about writing for

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1. When you submit your article, please include your email address (so we can contact you if we have questions) and the name you want us to use when we give credit for the information or article (either your name, or a nickname if you're shy).

2. Don't worry about a lot of fancy formatting. We will format it when we publish it. If you have one or more photographs, mention that in your submission somewhere (the comments box is a good place to do this) and we will send you an email. You can reply to that email with your photos as attachments and we will include them with the article.

3. We will correct spelling and obvious typos, where necessary, and other simple things. We will not heavily edit your words without your permission. If we think it needs editing, we'll email you and let you know. We are more interested in the information than in your writing style.

4. NO ADVERTISING of any kind, please.


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