John Redmond Reservoir

John Redmond Reservoir comprises 9,400 acres and is located in Coffey County, two miles north and one half mile west of Burlington.


John Redmond Reservoir offers a variety of the finest in water recreation, including boating, fishing and other water sports. John Redmond Reservior, along with other lakes, ponds, rivers and streams located in Coffey County, creates thousands of acres of water to play in, and around. If you feel like “getting back to nature”John Redmond offers three full service camping areas to pitch your tent, or park your RV. These sites include picnic tables, cookers, sanitation facilities, parking and much more.

Whether you spend a night, a week, or just a leisurely afternoon, your visits will always be enjoyable. Coffey County is home to 291 kinds of birds, spanning 88 species. A bird-watching blind is available at the John Redmond Reservoir East Camping area, and various groups and organizations have been formed for serious bird-watchers.

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