Byron Walker Wildlife Area

The Byron Walker Wildlife Area in Kingman County is one of the premier wildlife spots in the state, this site was named for its long-time manager. It has streamside woodlands, native prairies, food plots, shrub plantings, several ponds, a state lake, a developed wetland, and 8 miles of the South Fork Ninnescah River. The site is less than ten miles West of Kingman along Highway 54.


Birders, photographers, and other wildlife enthusiasts will find many opportunities to see wildlife. Just west of the Penalosa road, an entry drive leads south into a scenic portion of the wildlife area. The rolling sand prairie has abundant thickets of sandhill plums. Several ponds scattered throughout the area further enhance the wildlife options.

Watch for pheasants, quail, doves, meadowlarks, grasshopper sparrows, and other prairie birds. Running through much of the area is the South Fork of the Ninnescah River. The sandy-bottomed river runs shallow and clear. Watch for belted kingfishers and herons out-fishing the anglers! Deer are abundant and a wild turkey population is well established. This is a public hunting area, so wear visibility clothing during hunting season.

Kingman State Fishing Lake, at the east of the area, is popular for fishing and camping. The woods around the lake support many nesting birds, including Mississippi kites, orioles, kingbirds, robins, and indigo buntings. Eastern bluebirds nest in boxes provided for them. During migrations, warblers, vireos, and flycatchers are abundant.

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