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This page contains a collection of things that occurred in Kansas during the year 1873. Wherever possible, a link has been provided to a page containing more information.



February 22, 1873 - Winfield was incorporated as a city of the third class.

Mar. 6, 1873 - Hamilton County, one of the western border tier of the state, was officially organized by the Legislature of the State of Kansas.

Mar. 12, 1873
- The Junction City & Fort Kearney Railroad reached Clay Centre.

Mar. 23, 1873 - The main body of the founding colony arrived on the site if what is now Syracuse.

May 22, 1873 - A tornado struck in Crawford County. It came from the southwest and swept across the entire county, leaving desolation in its wake. Seven persons were killed outright, 34 others were injured, and a large amount of property was destroyed.

Apr. 4, 1873
- the appointment of the first three teachers in Hiawatha was recorded.
Their names were L. S. Herbert, Principal; and Miss Albee and Miss Welcome, Assistants.

Apr. 5, 1873 - Governor Thomas A. Osborn, in his proclamation providing for the organization of Ford County, appointed Charles Rath, J. G. McDonald and Daniel Wolf special County Commissioners, and Herman J. Fringer special County Clerk.

Jun. 23, 1873 - Harvey County Savings Bank in Newton was incorporated under state laws with an authorized capital of $100,000.

July 2, 1873
- This date saw the first recorded shootout in Great Bend. Marshall Gainsford killed a drunken buffalo hunter in self defense.

Sep. 30, 1873 - The Jackson County Farmers Cooperative Union held the first state fair in the county, beginning on this date.

Nov. 13, 1873 - The Chase County Courthouse was completed in Cottonwood Falls.

Nov. 15, 1873 - Although county fairs were held in Anderson county as early as 1863, the County Fair Association was not officially organized until this date.

Dec. 8, 1873 - A disastrous fire occurred Newton on the evening of this day, destroying the best business portion of the city.

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