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This page contains a collection of things that occurred in Kansas during the year 1871. Wherever possible, a link has been provided to a page containing more information.



Jan 9, 1871 -The first marriage in Parsons was that of Thomas Deckery to Mary J. Kinnison

Jan. 10, 1871 - First National Bank of Fort Scott was organized.

Jan. 23, 1871
- The first settler to file for land ownership in Great Bend township was Edward J. Dodge . (Allison, Boothe, Rath, Peacock, et. al. were said to be 'squatters'). Two years later Dodge completed construction of a stone house.

March, 1871 - Girard was incorporated as a city of the third class.

Apr. 13, 1871 - Augusta became officially chartered as a city of the third class.

May 23, 1871 - The first session of the district court was held at Winfield, in Cowley county, by Henry G. Webb, judge of the Eleventh judicial district.

May 30, 1871 - A school district was organized for the town of Cedar Vale and the immediate vicinity.

Jun. 16, 1871 - A severe wind and rain storm swept over Harvey County, and assuming the violence of a hurricane, destroyed much property.

Jun. 22, 1871 - A tornado struck the town of El Dorado, inflicting great damage

June 1871 - The Excelsior Mills, for the manufacture of flour, were started in Fort Scott by E. A. Deland and F. C. Bacon.

Aug. 20, 1871 - The first paper was published in Clay County, the Independent, whose first issue bears that date; E. P. Huston and David Downer were the editors.

Sep. 12, 1871 - The city of El Dorado was organized under the laws applying to cities of the third class

Oct. 8, 1871 - The Fort Scott Gas Works were completed and began operations.

Nov. 30, 1871 - A very destructive fire breaks out in Hiawatha, in the drug store of Mitchell & Zehrung, on the east side of the Public Square.

Dec. 6, 1871 - Ardent Free-Stater James Montgomery died in Linn County at the age of 55, of natural causes.

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