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This page contains a collection of things that occurred in Kansas during the year 1869. Wherever possible, a link has been provided to a page containing more information.



Jan. 19, 1869 - The first birth occurred in Lenexa, that of Willis Bower.

Jun. 3, 1869 - By a proclamation made by Governor James M. Harvey on this date, the County of Montgomery became legally organized as a corporate body.

Jun. 11, 1869 - The first claim on the Winfield town site was taken by E. C. Manning.

Aug. 4, 1869 - John Reed opened the first dry goods store in Chetopa.

Aug. 19, 1869 - Andrew Brown was born, son of William Brown, on Sharp's Creek, the first child born within the limits of McPherson County.

Sep. 11, 1869 - the founders of Independence hold a celebration, with a roast ox, a barrel of bread, and four kegs of beer to mark the founding of their new city.

Oct. 12, 1869 - The Hammond Mill in Pleasanton, along Muddy Creek, began operations. It is a four-run mill, with a forty-horse power engine and a capacity of sixty barrels of flour per day.

Oct. 14, 1869 - An expedition of 7 persons (Robert McBratney, U. S. Sen. Edmund G. Ross; B. F. Mudge, professor at the Agricultural College and former state geologist; and Richard Mobley, state agent for the sale of railroad lands, plus the driver of the ambulance, one cook, and one servant set out to explore the valley of the Solomon River.

Oct. 26, 1869
- The first term of the District Court was opened at Clay Centre, with James Humphrey as Judge

Oct. 29, 1869 - The town of Pleasanton was incorporated.

Nov. 20, 1869
- J. R. Marsh left the city of Emporia to seek a new home, finally settling on land that is now Cedar Vale, Kansas.

Dec. 17, 1869
- Joseph Douglass lays out the town of Douglass.

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