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This page contains a collection of things that occurred in Kansas during the year 1868. Wherever possible, a link has been provided to a page containing more information.



Jan. 29, 1868 - The first child born in Ellis county was on this date, the baby being named John Bauer.

February, 1868 - The first settler in what is now Columbus, John Appleby, built a box house on Lot 17, Block 16, of the original plat of the town.

Mar. 23, 1868
- A claim for the 140 acre tract which comprised the original site sote for the town of El Dorado was entered by B. Frank Gordy, and filed for the record in the succeeding month.

Apr. 2, 1868 - The first marriage ceremony was performed in Ellsworth County was by Henry New, when in his official capacity of Justice of the Peace, he united in the bonds of matrimony, George W. Hughes and Miss Rusha Maxson.

Apr. 16, 1868 - The first newspaper was published in the county when the Crawford County Times was issued by Scott & Cole on this date.

May 19, 1868
- The ranch / trading post / stagecoach hotel / saloon outside present day Great Bend was destroyed by Cheyenne Indians. It was never rebuilt.

Jun. 3,, 1868 - Like a thunderbolt bursting from a clear sky, and without the least note of warning to indicate what was about to happen, four hundred Cheyennes burst upon Council Grove all armed and painted for war.

July 1868 - The first white settler that located in what is now Chautauqua County was Richard Slater, who came in at this time, and settled on a claim in Salt Creek Valley, in Salt Creek Township, in the northeast corner of the county.

August, 1868 - It is believed that N. J. Thompson was the first actual settler in what is now Cowley county on this date. He had built a cabin on the Walnut river, near what he supposed was the south line of Butler county, but was afterward found to actually be in Cowley county.

Nov. 7, 1868 - The first birth in Columbus was that of Mary Ann Fry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Fry.

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