Kansas History

This page contains a collection of things that occurred in Kansas during the year 1862. Wherever possible, a link has been provided to a page containing more information.



Mar. 14, 1862 - The organization of Greenwood County was effected at a meeting of the County Commissioners, held at Janesville, the temporary seat of justice.

May 1862 - The first settlement on the town site of Clay Center was built by the Dexter brothers, John and Alonzo.

Jun. 24, 1862 - A treaty was made with the Ottawas residing in Franklin County by which they were to become citizens of the United States in 1867.

Jul. 4, 1862 - Robert Bailey, on Clear Creek in Marion County, was killed by the premature discharge of a gun, the first death among the settlers there.

Aug. 20, 1862 - The Christian Church of Eureka was organized by James Kenner, who became its pastor.

Nov. 15, 1862
- The Fort Scott National Cemetary was established by the Government.

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