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This page contains a collection of things that occurred in Kansas during the year 1861. Wherever possible, a link has been provided to a page containing more information.



Jan. 11, 1861 - One of the most severe snow storms ever known in the history of Osage county began. Considerable suffering was endured, but no lives were lost. On a level the snow would measure more than twenty inches in depth, and it drifted so badly that travel was suspended for nearly three weeks.

Jan. 18, 1861 - A relief committee, organized at Atchison to help the people in Jackon county who were suffering from the effects of drought, reported that they had collected 1,062,552 pounds of goods. The people of Jackson County thankfully went and retrieved them.

Jan. 29, 1861 - Kansas formally enters the Union.

Jun. 4, 1861 - Legislation was enacted that required Comanche County to take a census and prove that it had "600 inhabitants, excluding Indians not taxed, and who are bona fide residents of the county and the United States." until which time it could not be officially organized.

Sep. 2, 1861 - The Battle of Dry Wood Creek was fought, near Fort Scott, between pro- and anti-slavery forces from Kansas and Missouri.

September 1861
- Early during this month, a home guard was organized in Atchison, Kansas to protect it in case of invasion from Missouri, and on the 15th of that month another company was raised, which was subsequently mustered into a state regiment.

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