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This page contains a collection of things that occurred in Kansas during the year 1858. Wherever possible, a link has been provided to a page containing more information.



Jan. 3, 1858 - The Hon. H. B. Standiford of Miami County, while a member of the Territorial Legislature, died at Lecompton.

Jan. 11, 1858 - The first mail route in Anderson county was established on , to run from Leavenworth to Humboldt in Allen county via Hyatt.

Jan. 30, 1858 - A frame building housing the Post Office and a store was completed by Charles Barnes,the first Postmaster at Mound City.

Feb. 3, 1858 - An organization, known as the Kansas Educational Association of the Methodist Episcopal Church, was chartered by the Territorial Legislature with the privilege of locating an institution of learning, to be known as Baker University, near Palmyra, near what is today Baldwin City.

Feb. 12, 1858 - The Kansas Legislature issued a charter to the city of Atchison, Kansas, which was approved by the people on March 2 at a special election.

May 18, 1858 - The Leavenworth Constitution, which had been adopted by the convention at Leavenworth on April 3, 1858, was ratified by the people at an election.

Jul. 13, 1858 - The first postmaster of Hiawatha, H. R. Dutton, was appointed.

Jul. 15, 1858 - A fire struck Leavenworth, originating in the theater, corner of Third and Delaware streets, over the Market House. After enveloping several buildings on that side of the street, it leaped over to Dr. Park's drug store, on Delaware street, sweeping down both sides of the that street for some distance.

Jul. 25, 1858 - The first child was born in Gardner, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Gardner. The year the child turned six, the father was shot down by Jesse James.

Aug. 8, 1858 - The first post office in Brown County is established at Claytonville, with George E. Clayton as Postmaster.

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