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This page contains a collection of things that occurred in Kansas during the year 1857. Wherever possible, a link has been provided to a page containing more information.



Jan. 5, 1857 - The concept of "Squatters Sovereignty" was denounced by Horace Greeley, in an editorial, when he said: "We hold Kansas a part of the rightful domain of free labor, and we deny the right of any 5,000 men to vote away the patrimony of 5,000,000."

Jan. 7, 1857 - The tenure of Samuel J. Jones as sheriff of Douglas County came to an end, and he left Kansas Territory. Jones resigned as sheriff of Douglas County in a heated dispute with the territorial governor.

Feb. 17, 1857 - The town of Hiawatha was originally staked out.

Feb. 20, 1857
- The act incorporating the Burlington Town Company was approved.

Apr. 18, 1857 - The original party of settlers arrived in Eudora, led by Peter Hartig, and immediately began to erect cabins and other improvements, at the behest of the German Immigrant Settlement Company.

May 10, 1857
- The first settlers arrive in Humboldt, Kansas.

May 1857 - William Hildebrande became the first settler in El Dorado Township, and therefore in Butler County.

Jun. 6, 1857 - The Kansas News was established in Emporia by Hon. P. B. Plumb and its first number issued.

Jun. 15, 1857 - The first recorded marriage in Olathe, that of Charles Osgood to Miss Caroline Roberts, was solemnized by John P. Campbell, then Probate Judge.

Jun. 24, 1857 - The first white child was born in Dickinson County, namely C. F. Staatz, son of C. W. Staatz, who lived on Lyon creek.

Jul. 12, 1857 - A Mr. Rolfe arrived in De Soto to run the new sawmill, and was so well pleased with the country that he sent for his wife and family, who arrived less than a year later..

Jul. 30, 1857 - The first recorded marriage in Brown County took place, between Hiram Wheeler and Eliza E. Root .

Sep. 9, 1857 - The first marriage was solemnized in Shawnee, between Timothy Keeser and Martha Patton.

September 1857 - The Lecompton Constitution was rattified, supporting the existence of slavery and protecting rights of slaveholders in the proposed state of Kansas.

Oct. 5, 1857 - At an election held in Jackson County for selecting a Territorial Delegate, Marcus J. Parrott, the Free-State Candidate, was chosen.

Oct. 28, 1857 - The first marriage ceremony took place in Marysville, between James McCloskey and Monlewaka, a Sioux belle, who McCloskey had brought with him from the mountains.

Nov. 21, 1857 - Jacob Benjamin, August Bondi, and Fred. Weimer, associates of the Greeley Town Company, filed their plat of the town and petition in the office of the Probate Judge

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