Paul White,

Paul W. White (born June 6, 1902 in Pittsburg, Kansas) worked as director of news at CBS beginning in 1930. He was CBS' first news director. White worked as a newspaper journalist prior to beginning his radio broadcasting career with CBS. He died in San Diego, California.


As the network's first news director, White had a direct hand in forming the CBS News reputation for thought leadership.

He worked behind the scenes and in the front office while news anchor Edward R. Murrow provided the on-air talent. In 1933 he organized the Columbia News Service under pressure from assorted competition including newspapers. Together with Murrow and Robert Trout, in 1937, he helped launch CBS World News Roundup, a radio news program that is still on the air, as of September 2006.

The format of the show, revolutionary at the time, was to station reporters around the globe, particularly in Europe, and have them report live as World War II ignited. White traveled to Europe in 1938 to observe the volatile situation for himself.

Besides Murrow, White led many of the so-called "Murrow's Boys," including, William L. Shirer, Eric Sevareid and Charles Collingwood.

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