David Dillon

David Dillon is the CEO of Kroger in Cincinnati, Ohio. Born in Hutchinson, Kansas in 1951, he graduated from Hutchinson High School in 1969. He is an Eagle Scout and was a senior patrol leader in Boy Scout Troop 301, of which his father was Scoutmaster. He attended the University of Kansas, where he was student body president. Dillon also attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.


J.S. Dillon, a Presbyterian pastor, started a self-service grocery store in Sterling, Kansas. His sons, including David's grandfather, continued growing the enterprise into a chain of stores. David's father, Paul, along with two cousins, guided the corporation in the next generation when Dillon Stores became a public corporation. It was headquartered in Hutchinson, which is 20 miles from Sterling.

In 1982, Kroger bought out Dillon Stores, however, the Dillon family gained effective control of Kroger. Eventually, a member of the fourth generation of the family, David, became the CEO of the greatly enlarged "family business".

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